We are a community of believers and followers of Jesus, the Messiah. We are have gathered with a common vision, being thoroughly convinced of the nearness of the coming of our Lord, to worship and pray together (Acts 13:1-2), proclaim the Gospel (Luke 24:46-47), and equip the saints to persevere in faith and obedience to Jesus in light of the time of great testing and trial which will come upon the earth prior to His appearing and the establishment of His Kingdom. Our mission is to train those willing to become a disciple of Jesus. Studying and meditating on the entirety of the witness given to us through the Holy Scriptures as it was understood by Jesus and His earliest disciples.

Bill and Charis Scofield

Bill, Charis and their 7 children live in Redding, CA where they serve as overseers at The Watch. Bill spends much of his time pastoring, discipling, and teaching the Scriptures. Charis also does some teaching from time to time, and their children also participate in the ministry in various ways.

John and Jenn Wandler

John and Jenn are some of the overseers of the Gospel Training Community. Serving as home fellowship leaders, they help in teaching, pastoring, and are active in serving in the prayer room. They are strongly committed to discipleship of their own family, other believers, and to the proclamation of the Biblical Gospel.