The Gospel Foundations Course is meant to establish clarity in the message and hope of the Scriptures, and to impart the Biblical burden for the redemption of the house of Israel at the end of the age. Here are the notes and audio for each session:
1. The Testimony of God – Notes

Session 1A: MP3     Session 1B: MP3

2. The Hope of the Gospel – Notes

Session 2A: MP3     Session 2B: MP3

3. Covenantal Framework of the Scriptures – Notes

Session 3A: MP3     Session 3B: MP3

4. Repentance and Faith – Notes

Session 4A: MP3     Session 4B: MP3

5. The Witness of the Gospel – Notes

Session 5A: MP3     Session 5B: MP3

Hope the course is a blessing. Let us know if you have any questions.