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Gospel 101 Teaching Series

Beginning April 23rd, we started a series called the Gospel 101. It will last 6 weeks, and all of the sessions will be recorded and placed on this page.
We pray the content is a blessing. It is aimed at reinforcing the basic Gospel message in that way it was understood by the earliest disciples of Jesus. For some, it will be a reminder of the holy message. For others, it will be a brand new message. Regardless, we affirm with Paul that this message is the power of God for salvation, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. So, whether you are reminding yourself, strengthening yourself in the message, or sharing it with others, we pray that it might bear fruit unto everlasting life in you all.

Download Audio of Session 1
Download Audio of Session 2
Download Audio of Session 3
Download Audio of Session 5

** Session 4 was not recorded by mistake.

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